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NHSTA to Test Safety Benefits of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Data Sharing

NHSTA to Deploy Fleet of 2800 V2V-Ready Vehicles This Summer.

Most new vehicle technologies, including even safety features, are introduced as premium options on luxury vehicles.  In the case of safety features these gradually become available to lower priced vehicle segments as it becomes more mainstream.  However, the exception to this rule happens when regulations are put in place that require new technology be installed on new vehicles from a certain date forward.  Based on the NHTSA’s interest in Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) technology and possible safety benefits it may become one of those exceptions before too long.

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Google 2011 consumer research study

We found an interesting study this morning published by Google which describes consumer automotive shopping behavior in 2011. Some highlights below here as well as a link to Google direct for the full presentation.

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Does Your Vehicle Really Need That Spare Tire?

Oftentimes we don't look for the spare tire in our vehicles until we are on the side of the road with a flat tire.  Once in that situation you may be checking frantically for it.  You check the trunk or rear cargo area, under the rear of the vehicle but it is nowhere to be found.  It may be that you are one of many consumers that have purchased a vehicle without a spare tire. AAA has noticed the growing trend of vehicles without spare tires and reports the trend is likely to continue in a recent article online

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