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Dec 7 2020

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, aka ADAS, are a hot topic in the auto industry, especially as these safety features become more widespread across manufacturers and their model lineups. Whether your business is in the retail, insurance, auto repair/service, or logistics space, you’ve likely been impacted by ADAS in some way, shape, or form.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing a series of articles on ADAS and its relevance to businesses across the auto industry.  We’ll also be sharing some valuable data about the growth of ADAS from our proprietary vehicle database, and addressing how the use of a comprehensive vehicle database could help solve some of the challenges at hand with such a technical and sometimes confusing topic. Let’s get started by learning about what ADAS is and how it came to be!

Blog Article Series Index:

Article 1What is ADAS: The Evolution of Vehicle Safety Features

Article 2Why ADAS is Important to Your Business­­

Article 33 Key Challenges with ADAS and How to Solve Them

Article 4Trends Shaping the Future of ADAS


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