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10 Auto Blog Articles We Thought You'd Enjoy! Part 1


Blogging has become an important part of traffic generation and brand awareness for any type of business and has indeed reached its way to the automotive world. Since the vehicle data and VIN decoding solutions we provide are vital to all segments of the auto industry, we come across quite a variety of auto blogs.

Though the blogs we've shared below are not exclusive to one auto niche (auto listing sites, dealer solution providers, auto insurance, etc.), we still thought each one of these articles would provide some level of value or interest industry-wide.

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Over 90% of Vehicle Shoppers Research Online: The Art of Auto Listing Conversions

A study from GE Capital Retail Bank in 2013 found that 81 percent of consumers research products online before making a big purchase decision. This percent is expected to continue to grow as consumers become more comfortable with the integrity of online information along with the readily available product information.  From clothing to electronics to large appliances, shoppers are using the internet to make smarter decisions before opening their wallets.

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BMW i8: Looks, Speed, and Intelligence. What's Not To Love?

The 2014 BMW i8 is easily one of BMW's most impressive releases in quite some time, combining the most attractive features of a sporty, high performance vehicle with those of an economy car. This beautiful piece of machinery has many of the advanced technology features we've covered in our automotive technology series thus far... and more. 

Though we don't write about specific vehicle models very often, this one was just too intriguing to pass up. For those of you who are either unfamiliar with the i8 or have heard of it but are unaware of how dynamic it really is, this article will give a brief overview of what makes it so revolutionary... and will most likely make you covet their owners! 

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10 Things You Need Before Displaying Inventory [Infographic]

Thinking about trying your hand at creating the next great inventory listing portal?  Make sure your plan for displaying inventory has all your bases covered by checking out our infographic!

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6 Reasons Why You're Not Driving a Fuel Cell Vehicle... Yet

Auto Tech: Hydrogen Vehicles

Imagine a vehicle that gets twice the combined MPG of equivalent gas models and whose only emissions are water vapor.  Seems too good to be true, right?  However, vehicles like the one described above are already available in the United States... well, only with very limited availability and only in one state.  

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So Many Hybrid Vehicles. Is There Really Any Difference?

Auto Tech: Understanding Hybrid Technology 

By now you've most likely seen hundreds of hybrid vehicles - also referred to as hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) - on the road. They've been in the US market for over a decade and have continued to grow as a more popular and available option for consumers. Whether you're in the market for a hybrid or just want to learn more about this growing vehicle segment, there are a couple things you need to know to understand this auto technology.  

Though most people are aware of their fuel economy and environmental benefits, often that is the extent of their hybrid vehicle knowledge. Unless you've done research on various hybrid models or read Autoweek at the dentist's office, there's a good chance you may have generalized hybrid vehicles as using a universal technology. However, that is a big misconception among many drivers, including myself at one point. Before we establish how hybrid vehicles differ, I want to make sure everyone understands the basics.

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Top 3 Alternative Fuel Sources on the Market

Auto Tech: Alternative Fuel

For many drivers, gasoline and diesel are the only forms of vehicle fuel they’re aware of. Every gas station they’ve filled up at offers multiple grades of gasoline and at least one grade of diesel. However, these are not the only options anymore. Ethanol, biodiesel and compressed natural gas are three popular alternative fuel sources we will discuss in this article.

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A Greener Environment and Wallet With Increased Fuel Economy

Auto Tech: Gasoline and Diesel Advances

There are two primary benefits of fuel efficiency in the automotive world. As alluded in the title, better fuel economy will both minimize the amount of toxic air pollution and maximize money saved on fuel. Which of these green options is most important to you?

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Advanced Vehicle Lighting That Functions Like The Human Eye

Auto Tech: Intelligent Vehicle Lighting

Vehicle lighting technology has become increasingly more advanced to the point where, in some cases, it can make driving at night as safe and easy as driving during the day. With these new technologies on the market, drivers will no longer have to worry about blinding other drivers, guessing what's around the bend, whats walking (or crawling) out into the street, as well as mitigating bad visibility due to inclement weather conditions. Automakers have covered all aspects of vehicle lighting with new technology for high beams, headlights, fog lights and a number of complementary technologies.

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5 Ways to Assure The Safety of Your Newly Licensed Teens

Auto Tech: For The Worried Parents

The day that your teen receives his or her license can be bittersweet. There's an element of excitement knowing that they will no longer rely on you for rides. If they're not borrowing your car, it's even more convenient. On the other hand, many teens - including myself at that age - love the freedom that comes with having a drivers license a little too much.

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