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Always Look In Your Vehicle's Display Screen Before Changing Lanes

Up until now, one rear view and two side view mirrors have been a necessity in order to legally drive on the road and operate your vehicle safely. With the newer technology of rear view and side view cameras, mirrors could one day soon be permanently replaced.vehicle camera display screen replace side view mirrors

A handful of automakers including Volkswagen, General Motors, Toyota, and Tesla have officially petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for this change over, spinning off of the new requirement that all vehicles under 10,000 lbs produced from May 1, 2018 onward must be equipped with backup cameras.

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Five Best Practices for Storing Decoded Inventory Data

The effects of database design decisions regarding the acquisition and storage of decoded inventory data can be far reaching.  Mistakes early on can lead to poor database performance and sluggish load times for your users.  They can lead to a tangled web of database tables that is difficult and expensive for your programmers and database developers to keep straight, and near impossible for new team members to learn.  And, they can lead to poor use of data and missed opportunities to display thorough, accurate, and precise information about vehicles in inventory. 

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Why Motorcycle VIN Decoding is So Important to Insurance Companies

Motorcycles offer a great deal of joy and freedom for their riders. However, riding a motorcycle carries with it risks, so most serious riders desire good insurance coverage. For convenience and best policy rates, many riders go online for quotes on motorcycle insurance. There is plenty of competition out there among websites offering these types of quotes. If your company provides motorcycle insurance quotes, you need a way to stand out from the crowd.

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Use Advanced VIN Decoding to Make Your Website Stand Out and Convert

For online businesses that handle vehicle sales, car parts, automobile accessories, or just about anything car-related, you know there is plenty of competition out there. Advanced VIN decoding is one way you can stand out from your competition.  When you integrate VIN decoding into your website, you will have an advantage that your competition does not have. You can pull information on the vehicle and offer a custom set of offers focused on the vehicle your customer owns.

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Identify Vehicle Specs By VIN Decoding

Identifying vehicles specifications is easy when you have a VIN decoder. If your company needs detailed information on the weights, dimensions, MSRP, and features of a given vehicle, the best answer is a VIN decoder. You type in the number and you get back all the information you need. Simple and easy to use.

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How a VIN Decoder Can Increase Your Online Traffic, Leads and Sales

Incorporating VIN decoding enhances online shopping and sales.

For online businesses that handle vehicle sales, car parts, automobile accessories, or just about anything car-related, you know there is plenty of competition out there. Competing successfully online requires more then just good pricing.  You need to differentiate your offering and online experience to make it stand out.  By integrating advanced vehicle data and VIN decoding into your customers online experience, you can create an advantage over your competitions online offering. the VIN can be used to pull information on the vehicle and provide back to the customer a custom set of offers focused on the vehicle your customer owns.

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Apple brings iOS to vehicle telematics with "iOS in the Car"

Yesterday at the Apple 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC), apple announced the forthcoming iOS 7 along with a slew of new features (including a UI overhall).

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The Key Role Of An Accurate VIN Decoder In Online Insurance Quotes

Online quotes have revolutionized the world of car insurance. It has made insurance more competitive because users can get multiple quotes from different carriers quickly. This has created an environment where consumers shop to find the best price possible, and may do so as frequently as once or twice a year. This results in a consistent demand for online quote both from the insurers directly and well as from third party sites that provide quote comparison tools.

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VINBasic HD: Mid-Duty and Heavy Duty VIN Decoder

VIN Decoding Large Commercial Vehicles

The mid-duty and heavy-duty truck segments offer unique challenges to VIN decode properly.   Almost all commercial trucks offer many options to significantly customize and up-fit the vehicle.  These options and up-fits include everything from engines, to axles, to transmissions, to cab types and body types, all of which can substantially change the details and specifications of the vehicle.  (For more information on the challenges of decoding large trucks see our article “VIN Decoding Outside the Light Duty Segment”.)  The customized nature and complexity of these vehicle segments has contributed to their being few commercial VIN Decoding solutions available for large trucks.

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10 Attributes Of Vehicle Data That Will Sell Your Online Listing

Never before have there been more ways for auto dealers to market inventory to customers - who are able to take advantage of unprecedented availability of vehicle data and methods of comparison shopping.

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