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Always Look In Your Vehicle's Display Screen Before Changing Lanes

Up until now, one rear view and two side view mirrors have been a necessity in order to legally operate a vehicle, thus promoting safer driving habits. With this newer auto technology of rear view and side view cameras, mirrors could one day soon be permanently replaced.

A handful of automotive manufacturers including Volkswagen, GM, Toyota, and Tesla have officially petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for this change over, spinning off of the new requirement that all vehicles under 10,000 lbs produced from May 1, 2018 onward must be equipped with backup cameras.

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10 Attributes Of Vehicle Data That Will Sell Your Online Listing

Never before have there been more ways for auto dealers to market inventory to customers - who are able to take advantage of unprecedented availability of vehicle data and methods of comparison shopping.

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VIN vs PIN - What is being assigned to Off-Road vehicles

Since 1981 the global vehicle manufacturing community has used the 17 digit VIN as a means to uniquely identify a vehicle.  The VIN captures basic vehicle information as part of an international standard, and in some countries, like the US, it is used to capture additional data.   In the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, is tasked with regulating the information the VIN must capture, how it is assigned and to whom.  Some of the many benefits of the VIN system include being able to identify and recall vehicles with safety issues, track vehicles accident and maintenance history, and identify vehicles that have been stolen.

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NHSTA to Test Safety Benefits of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Data Sharing

NHSTA to Deploy Fleet of 2800 V2V-Ready Vehicles This Summer.

Most new vehicle technologies, including even safety features, are introduced as premium options on luxury vehicles.  In the case of safety features these gradually become available to lower priced vehicle segments as it becomes more mainstream.  However, the exception to this rule happens when regulations are put in place that require new technology be installed on new vehicles from a certain date forward.  Based on the NHTSA’s interest in Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) technology and possible safety benefits it may become one of those exceptions before too long.

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What is a VIN?

VIN Decoding 101:  Part 1 - What is a VIN?

On current automobiles, the VIN is located on the dashboard in a location visible through the windshield, as well as, on the driver side door jam. You have probably also noticed the VIN recorded on the title, insurance, and registration of your vehicle. The VIN acronym stands for Vehicles Identification Number. It refers to a unique number assigned to a vehicle that contains information to describe and identify the vehicle.

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