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10 Vehicle Details You Should Expect from a VIN Decoder

It is not uncommon for some of the people that express interest in our VIN data to have little experience with automotive data in the past. They may be new to the company/position or they may be looking to apply an existing business model in a new way that requires a VIN decoder or vehicle data. Many times these people are not quite sure what to expect to get in return from decoding 17-digit VINs. Below is a list of 10 things that you can expect to be returned when decoding US passenger and light-duty vehicle identification numbers.

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The Market's effect on a VIN

VIN Decoding 101 Part 3: The Market Effect

Have you ever driven in England? How about in India or Japan? Many US drivers, that have traveled abroad, have some colorful and nerve-racking stories about their experiences behind the wheel. These same people are probably confident, knowledgeable drivers in the US. In both situations, they are driving a car with much the same equipment and functionality. So what makes the experience of driving abroad so challenging and perilous?


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4 Tips for Vehicle Mobile Marketing

Consumers will pick the medium, format and content that best allows them to find the information that they need, prioritized by how quickly and efficiently they can browse it and digest it. As more and more consumers opt to research within mobile applications, space and functionality become increasingly important to design elements. 

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Vehicle inventory data for classified listing sites

Obtaining vehicle inventory for classified listing sites or lead generating sites can be a daunting task for a new solution provider or a provider who wishes to augment current vehicle marketing programs for auto dealers.

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What can you actually decode from a VIN number?

Automotive VIN Data Primer

As a data company we come across many variations on needs from our Clients for VIN decoding. In the marketing segment, the term is used very loosely to describe data collections with a tremendous amount of information that can be queried by VIN.. but what is VIN decoding really?

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VIN Decoding and Automotive Data Expertise

The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the US. Outside of housing, buying a vehicle is the single biggest purchase that most Americans make.  The downstream effects of vehicle purchases can be equal or greater than the actual vehicle sale considering the costs we all incur to finance, fuel, insure, accessorize and repair our vehicles. It is no surprise then, that some economists have suggested that one out of every four dollars spent by American consumers is linked to the purchase, use or maintenance of their vehicles.

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