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Nov 15 2011

Consumers will pick the medium, format and content that best allows them to find the information that they need, prioritized by how quickly and efficiently they can browse it and digest it. As more and more consumers opt to research within mobile applications, space and functionality become increasingly important to design elements. 

The following four points are excellent items to keep in mind when developing content and workflow for mobile marketing:

  • A consumer’s greatest commodity is time, and there is fierce competition for content and especially mobile applications that will qualify for this time.
  • Consumers prefer summaries before detail. The summary must be attractive enough to warrant any further time investiture. Mobile applications are used for quick handy research and content and layout must support this pattern of use.
  • Consumers prefer a more organic source of product comparison than manufacturer or retail directed suggestions.
  • Consumers prefer to reference several sources of information during the process of researching potential purchases

Our white paper "Automotive Marketing: Effective use of vehicle content within mobile application" is available for download here:

Whitepaper Download Vehicle Data for Mobile


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