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A Greener Environment and Wallet With Increased Fuel Economy

Auto Tech: Gasoline and Diesel Advances

There are two primary benefits of fuel efficiency in the automotive world. As alluded in the title, better fuel economy will both minimize the amount of toxic air pollution and maximize money saved on fuel. Which of these green options is most important to you?

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Advanced Vehicle Lighting That Functions Like The Human Eye

Auto Tech: Intelligent Vehicle Lighting

Vehicle lighting technology has become increasingly more advanced to the point where, in some cases, it can make driving at night as safe and easy as driving during the day. With these new technologies on the market, drivers will no longer have to worry about blinding other drivers, guessing what's around the bend, whats walking (or crawling) out into the street, as well as mitigating bad visibility due to inclement weather conditions. Automakers have covered all aspects of vehicle lighting with new technology for high beams, headlights, fog lights and a number of complementary technologies.

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5 Ways to Assure The Safety of Your Newly Licensed Teens

Auto Tech: For The Worried Parents

The day that your teen receives his or her license can be bittersweet. There's an element of excitement knowing that they will no longer rely on you for rides. If they're not borrowing your car, it's even more convenient. On the other hand, many teens - including myself at that age - love the freedom that comes with having a drivers license a little too much.

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Are You Ready To Let Your Car Do All The Driving?

AutoTech: Autonomous Driving

There are many emotions us humans bear, such as excitement, fear, confusion, amusement, pride, stress and so on. When I think about cars that one day will drive completely on there own, all of the above emotional chords are struck.

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Parallel Parking 101: Sit Back and Let Your Vehicle Do The Work

Auto Tech: Self-Parking Cars

Most drivers can relate to a time where they’ve passed up the last available parking spot within walking distance of their destination, because they weren’t quite sure if they could fit. No one wants to relive that time where they’ve attempted to parallel park, failed miserably, and totally embarrassed themselves in front of an audience. A handful of automotive manufacturers have sympathized with you and created technology to solve this problem… cars that park themselves!

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Top Life Saving Vehicle Features - Part II

Auto Tech: Safety First

In part one of Top Life Saving Vehicle Features, I introduced the topic of safety as a primary targeted goal for automotive manufacturers. Pedestrian detection and night vision were the two vehicle safety equipment technologies discussed, which primarily concern the safety of pedestrians or other animate objects. In part two below, the safety features discussed are primarily geared towards collision avoidance with other vehicles.

One of the most common reasons for vehicle collisions is the lack of awareness for the driver's surroundings.

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Top Life Saving Vehicle Features - Part I

Auto Tech: Vehicle Safety Equipment

One of the primary areas automotive manufacturers channel their energy and resources is in developing technology to increase vehicle safety. Above all other means of transportation, by a significant margin, automotive has the leading number of fatalities for both drivers and pedestrians.

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Advanced Automotive Technology Explained

Article series describing the most interesting and valuable vehicle features and advanced automotive technology.

auto tech_vehicle safety_advanced fuel economy_luxury equipment

The auto industry has advanced so much in the last 10 years with readily available technology and prototypes for technology on the horizon. No longer are heated seats, power locks, multi disc changers, or cruise control impressive features. Automotive manufacturers are on to bigger and better things that will allow drivers more mental and physical comfort than ever before.

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Always Look In Your Vehicle's Display Screen Before Changing Lanes

Up until now, one rear view and two side view mirrors have been a necessity in order to legally operate a vehicle, thus promoting safer driving habits. With this newer auto technology of rear view and side view cameras, mirrors could one day soon be permanently replaced.

A handful of automotive manufacturers including Volkswagen, GM, Toyota, and Tesla have officially petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for this change over, spinning off of the new requirement that all vehicles under 10,000 lbs produced from May 1, 2018 onward must be equipped with backup cameras.

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Five Best Practices for Storing Decoded Inventory Data

The effects of database design decisions regarding the acquisition and storage of decoded inventory data can be far reaching.  Mistakes early on can lead to poor database performance and sluggish load times for your users.  They can lead to a tangled web of database tables that is difficult and expensive for your programmers and database developers to keep straight, and near impossible for new team members to learn.  And, they can lead to poor use of data and missed opportunities to display thorough, accurate, and precise information about vehicles in inventory. 

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