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Driving Efficiency and Adaptability: The Power of ACES HD Mapping

Over the last few years, vulnerabilities such as fuel prices, rapid changes in the economy, consumer demands, freighting resources, and both driver and supply shortages have been highlighted within the heavy-duty trucking industry. With the parts shortage sweeping the nation, it has become important to find vehicle components that fit promptly. Let’s look at the major concerns of the current market for mid- and heavy-duty trucks and how leveraging DataOne’s VIN decoding with ACES Mapping for mid- and heavy-duty vehicles can be the alternative advantage your company needs.

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Topics: Parts & Services, 3rd Party Mapping, HD

Powering the Vehicle Life Cycle with Build Data

When OEMs make their as-built data, also known as window sticker data, available to vendors through a vehicle data partner, they invest in their brand’s equity. As consumers associate their complete vehicle experience with your brand (from purchase to servicing to resale), it's essential to ensure that the organizations handling your vehicles, from dealerships to insurance providers, have the opportunity to provide the best possible service throughout the vehicle life cycle. This, in turn, will drive long-term customer loyalty.

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Topics: Build Data

Explaining the Power of Reverse VIN Lookup in Online Quoting Markets

We live in a world that is swiftly traveling towards a fully digital age, making data collection through form submission an integral part of the internet. One of the easiest ways to add significant value to the quoting portals and online lead generations for insurance and warranty is through reverse VIN lookup. Consumers are now able to easily enter their known vehicle details immediately without requiring a VIN, which can push leads through the necessary fields with a higher completion rate. The end users (insurance companies and warranty providers) can act on these leads more efficiently because they have the VIN pattern generated from this tool. Lastly, these companies encourage trust with the consumers by providing users with an experience first while still effectively collecting the necessary data.

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Topics: VIN, Insurance, Risk Management