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Apple brings iOS to vehicle telematics with "iOS in the Car"

Yesterday at the Apple 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC), apple announced the forthcoming iOS 7 along with a slew of new features (including a UI overhall).

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Google 2011 consumer research study

We found an interesting study this morning published by Google which describes consumer automotive shopping behavior in 2011. Some highlights below here as well as a link to Google direct for the full presentation.

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GM's OnStar offers proprietary API to Developers

Developers will receive access to Manufacturer General Motor's OnStar API which is called ATOMS (advanced telematics operating system) sometime in the first half of 2012. OnStar president Linda Marshall described the consumer benefits in terms of functionality comparable to computers, smartphones and tablets as a response to the growth in the mobile applications market for Android and iOS platforms.

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