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Edmunds' Open Vehicle API Shifting Directions. Now What?


For several years, Edmunds has offered an open API that supplied high-quality automotive data with no cost associated. While Edmunds did not provide any guarantees with the service, its availability and free consumption made the API especially popular with smaller companies and startups.  In fact, we would often recommend Edmunds' Vehicle API as a cost-effective alternative for companies whose business model could not support the licensing of our vehicle data.

However, in the last few months there’s been a lot of chatter on social media that Edmunds is shifting directions. Many companies currently using or considering the Vehicle API are led to believe that Edmunds is shutting the door on their open API.

Is the Edmunds Vehicle API no longer available?

Here’s a tweet on the subject:

Edmunds API Tweet.jpg

And an email from Edmunds shared on a Stack Overflow thread:

Shared Edmunds Email on Stack Overflow.jpg

DataOne has also received some intel about Edmunds shifting gears from several companies that have lost access to their service and are now scrambling to find a suitable alternative.  

The Edmunds Vehicle API is not going away. However, the requirements for use of their API have changed and it is no longer an open API. This will affect both new and existing accounts that had previously been approved.

So, now what?

The direction Edmunds is headed with their Vehicle API is still not 100% clear. As of this article's publish date, they haven’t released a formal announcement or updated their developer pages with new details on eligability. It may still be an option for some businesses/developers as mentioned in the tweet above, but for products or services that don’t align with Edmunds’ objectives - where do you go from here?

Alternative Options

The Edmunds Vehicle API was a nice offering over the last ~6 years – a completely free API of new and used vehicle specifications, pricing, and media. Especially during the proof of concept/beta phase where a service level agreement (SLA) wasn’t necessary. Though Edmunds made it clear that this was a service at-will offering with no active support, many companies limited by budget were still willing to take the risk in developing their products around it.

Unfortunately, access to the Edmunds Vehicle API will be turned off for many users in the coming months, if it hasn't already. While there aren’t any free vehicle data alternatives available, there are a few tier one vehicle data providers in North America, including DataOne, that can support your product(s) with very similar data offerings.

Typically, we prefer to publish informative and non-promotional blog posts, with several recommendations for solving the pain points of our readers. However, in this case - unapologetically and unhesitatingly - we can't help but say that we do recommend ourselves over all other sources!  


If you are looking to build your products on a solid vehicle data foundation and Edmunds' Vehicle API is no longer an option for your business, we’d be happy help get you back on track with our VIN decoder API solution.

Common data between the two include:
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Style
  • Engine and Transmission
  • Colors and Options
  • Configuration
  • Equipment
  • Squish VIN
  • VIN Decoding
  • OEM Maintenance Schedules
  • NHTSA Recalls & Service Bulletins
  • Safety data
  • Safety Ratings
  • Vehicle Reviews
  • Editorial columns
  • Photos / Media
Additional Highlights:
  • Also - DataOne provides vehicle research API's and ready-made CORS API Plugins, supporting attribute-based search / vehicle builder logic / traditional research
  • Most data products can be licensed via database (local hosted / daily updates) and API
  • DataOne does not source vehicle valuation data, however, we provide mapping to many industry respected pricing houses, such as NADA Used Car Guides.

Getting started

We love to see our data used for new and innovative products. Since the beginning, DataOne has made its vehicle data accessible for businesses of all sizes and has been accommodating during the proof-of-concept phase.

If you are interested in trying our VIN decoder API solution, we offer a free 15-day trial - or 50 VIN decodes - with full support and excellent tech docs for implementation. See if our data meets the needs of your product(s) with no obligation to commit.

Get started with our trial now by clicking the button below, or fill out the form on our request for information page so a product specialist can take time to understand your use case and recommend a solution that best fits your needs.


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