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Jan 16 2024

We live in a world that is swiftly traveling towards a fully digital age, making data collection through form submission an integral part of the internet. One of the easiest ways to add significant value to the quoting portals and online lead generations for insurance and warranty is through reverse VIN lookup. Consumers are now able to easily enter their known vehicle details immediately without requiring a VIN, which can push leads through the necessary fields with a higher completion rate. The end users (insurance companies and warranty providers) can act on these leads more efficiently because they have the VIN pattern generated from this tool. Lastly, these companies encourage trust with the consumers by providing users with an experience first while still effectively collecting the necessary data.

Using the DataOne Reverse VIN Lookup API

Today’s users have come to expect user-friendly tools that make their online experience more enjoyable. The Reverse VIN Lookup API by DataOne Software offers a valuable solution to insurance providers. It helps insurance quote comparison websites improve conversion rates by meeting insurance carrier quote approval standards, all without the need for the end user's VIN. This API is specifically designed for integration into consumer-facing quote forms and offers dynamic, customizable fields to streamline lead capture. Users can now easily identify their vehicles without a VIN and complete accurate form submissions. A significant advantage of this feature is its support for generating a representative partial VIN or VIN stub, which can be submitted to the insurance carrier and meet their criteria for proper evaluation.

Elevating User Experience

It should not be assumed that a user is going to rush to their vehicle to locate their VIN the moment they are considering their options online, or that they have that information at top-of-mind. Product functionality needs to be thought through for users to trust the site and the results they are promised. Leveraging minimal input requirements, in some cases as few as the year, make, model, and trim fields, you will be able to create a frictionless user experience, resulting in fewer form abandonments.

Having a system in place that has ease of use is going to make a significant difference in this market space. Given scenarios where there are multiple potential VIN patterns tied to year, make, model, and trim, the API will intelligently guide you on which fields to present to users for further refinement, all the way until the correct vehicle has been identified. This ensures that the correct vehicle is being identified for evaluation by insurance carriers without any unnecessary hassle. You can take the user experience one step further by integrating DataOne’s Research API to display the shopper’s vehicle alongside the provided quote, letting the consumer know they are getting an accurate and reliable quote for their vehicle.

Breaking Through The Noise

Insurance comparison platforms utilize the Reverse VIN Lookup to simplify user interactions and establish trust. By generating a partial VIN that aligns with insurance carrier standards, they offer consumers accurate coverage estimates without unnecessary data input or vehicle VIN retrieval. This process is in line with modern form fill best practices, that emphasize design simplicity and incentivization

Moreover, this approach benefits insurance companies by providing vehicle details to assist with informed decisions on policy terms and premiums. By factoring in advanced safety features, it can result in cost savings for policyholders, as safer vehicles often lead to reduced insurance premiums. The Reverse VIN Lookup not only improves the insurance estimation process but also fosters trust, respects users' time, and enhances the accuracy of risk assessment, ultimately benefiting both customers and insurance providers.

The Winning Formula

It is not new information that lead generation sites are extremely competitive. It can be a crowded market and the best sites stand out by offering a unique, customer-centric user experience. The Reverse VIN Lookup API by DataOne stands out as a valuable tool for insurance providers and comparison sites by streamlining user interactions, minimizing friction, and sparing users from VIN retrieval hassles. This user-centric approach increases form completion rates and ensures the accuracy of vehicle representation in insurance quotes by guiding users toward the correct vehicle. In the ever-evolving landscape of online insurance comparison, the Reverse VIN Lookup API is a game-changer, benefiting both customers and insurance providers.

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