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Feb 15 2024

Over the last few years, vulnerabilities such as fuel prices, rapid changes in the economy, consumer demands, freighting resources, and both driver and supply shortages have been highlighted within the heavy-duty trucking industry. With the parts shortage sweeping the nation, it has become important to find vehicle components that fit promptly. Let’s look at the major concerns of the current market for mid- and heavy-duty trucks and how leveraging DataOne’s VIN decoding with ACES Mapping for mid- and heavy-duty vehicles can be the alternative advantage your company needs.

The Current Trend and the Aftermarket

The dynamic heavy-duty trucking industry is still feeling the effects of challenges from 2022, such as supply chain disruptions, microchip shortages, geopolitical tensions, and the consequent notable decline in commercial vehicle production. As a result, the aftermarket trucking industry has needed rapid evolution, innovation, and adaptation, with a major shift towards technology, connectivity, safety features, and fuel efficiency for heavy-duty trucks.

Despite this major shift, the aftermarket has yet to avoid operational obstacles entirely. According to an early January 2022 survey by John Blodgett, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MacKay and Co., approximately 90 percent of dealers and distributors in the aftermarket industry have faced significant challenges related to parts availability and delivery times. These challenges led to delays for fleets acquiring the necessary equipment and parts, with 44 percent of customers preferring to wait for a preferred brand rather than selecting an alternative. Dealers and distributors alike have emphasized the importance of improving the parts availability. As we look forward to the 2024 fiscal year, the heavy-duty trucking industry will still have to contend with factors such as high fuel and insurance costs, equipment availability, and changes to labor laws.

The Competitive Advantage

ACES Mapping with DataOne ties VIN-referenced automotive data to the ACES standard for mid- and heavy-duty trucks. Users can easily decode a VIN and reference the ACES IDs for the vehicle, engine, and transmission. ACES ID allows easy and convenient identification of the appropriate parts, accessories, tires, or fluids. As consumer behavior undergoes transformative shifts and e-commerce demand surges, DataOne improves the part-searching process by using VIN decoding as the first step of identifying the vehicle and using the returned information to navigate toward the correct ACES ID. Using DataOne and ACES mapping will be an invaluable asset for companies aiming to bridge the gap from VIN decoding to ACES ID while connecting companies that need aftermarket parts to the correct products through accurate fitment information. 

By leveraging the ACES data and mapping service, you and your business will find that it not only provides insights into the heavy-duty trucking industry, including improved efficiency, enhanced consumer experience, and reduced errors but also secures a competitive advantage by staying ahead of trends and adapting swiftly to changing market conditions. Parts websites can confidently recommend perfect-fit parts knowing that the vehicle has been accurately identified and mapped to the industry catalog standards.

Enhanced Consumer Experience

DataOne’s Auto Care Association ACES Mapping ties the ACES standard to both DataOne VehicleID and the VIN. This adaptability is underpinned by the service's capacity to improve efficiency through standardized product fitment data management, offering a streamlined operational framework for companies to respond promptly to market changes. Further adaptation may require widening your choice of parts suppliers with ACES Mapping to get ahead of potential delivery failure and part unavailability.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Trucking Industry

The heavy-duty trucking industry has shown resilience to 2022's challenges and proven the need for ongoing adaptation and transformation. Using ACES mapping stands out as a pivotal asset for maintaining positive industry momentum, offering insights into the heavy-duty trucking industry, improving efficiency, and reducing errors and waiting time for parts needed. Leveraging DataOne’s VIN decoding and ACES mapping integration provides businesses with a competitive advantage, allowing them to stay ahead of trends and adapt swiftly to changing market conditions. Supported by eliminating the waiting time for preferred parts through VIN-based identification, ACES mapping proves to be a time and cost-saving solution, further solidifying its role in the ongoing management of the heavy-duty trucking industry.

To learn more about the benefits of DataOne's ACES HD Mapping, reach out to one of our experts today!

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