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Usage Based Insurance: How it Works and Who it Benefits

Paying for a service based on usage is not a new business model, as we’ve seen it used with cellular and internet service providers, but is now growing as a popular automotive insurance option available through several insurance providers. Usage-based insurance (UBI), also known as pay-as-you-drive (PAYD), uses key metrics such as accrued mileage and driving behaviors to determine insurance rates for individuals or businesses.

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Aluminum Bodies and Frames: The Future of the Auto Industry?

Auto Technology: Aluminum Vehicle Technology

Aluminum dominates as the choice material for wheels and engine blocks in the automotive industry. In the last few decades, the use of aluminum auto technology has increased. Beyond its lighter weight which can enhance fuel efficiency and performance capabilities, aluminum is recyclable and can improve safety by absorbing more crash energy than steel. However, it is not without disadvantages.

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Over 90% of Vehicle Shoppers Research Online: The Art of Auto Listing Conversions

A study from GE Capital Retail Bank in 2013 found that 81 percent of consumers research products online before making a big purchase decision. This percent is expected to continue to grow as consumers become more comfortable with the integrity of online information along with the readily available product information.  From clothing to electronics to large appliances, shoppers are using the internet to make smarter decisions before opening their wallets.

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Why Motorcycle VIN Decoding is So Important to Insurance Companies

Motorcycles offer a great deal of joy and freedom for their riders. However, riding a motorcycle carries with it risks, so most serious riders desire good insurance coverage. For convenience and the best policy rates, many riders go online for quotes on motorcycle insurance. There is plenty of competition out there among websites offering these types of quotes. If your company provides motorcycle insurance quotes, you need a way to stand out from the crowd.

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Apple brings iOS to vehicle telematics with "iOS in the Car"

Yesterday at the Apple 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC), Apple announced the forthcoming iOS 7 along with a slew of new features (including a UI overhall).

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The Key Role of an Accurate VIN Decoder in Online Insurance Quoting

Online quotes have revolutionized the world of car insurance, by providing multiple quotes, quickly, from different carriers. This has created an environment where consumers shop around for the lowest premium possible and may do so as frequently as once or twice a year. As a result, there is a consistent demand for online quoting, both from the insurers directly as well as from third party sites that provide quote comparison tools, and an increase in competition.

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New GM option that might sell vehicles and help pay for them

If you read our recent article on Fiat’s move to install an on-board espresso maker into the 500L, you might be thinking that automakers have run out of A-List ideas of vehicle options to improve sales. Well, we’re happy to announce that GM has not moved to the B-List yet.

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Can your vehicle handle it's liquor? 12 things to know about E15

Most of us were probably oblivious to what we were putting into our fuel tanks the first time we filled up on E10 Gasohol. In most circumstances, there wasn’t much cause for alarm. The government is now giving the green light to E15, a decision some feel might have been made on inconclusive data. This article cuts through the debate, and tells you what consumers should know about E15 as of right now.


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The Civic is the key to Honda's US resurgence

 Can the Civic drive Honda’s New Vehicle Sales in the Short and Long Term?

Though 80% of Honda vehicles sold in the U.S. are manufactured domestically, Honda’s position in the US market was shaken by last year’s catastrophic earthquake and tsunami.  Not only did it cripple Japanese auto production, it resulted in shorted supply lines that US production depended on.   As a result, in 2011 Honda lost significant US market share and were almost passed by Hyundai in total US vehicle sales.  On a model level Honda saw their flagship model Accord fall from 4th to 9th while the Civic and CR-V fell out of the top ten US bestselling vehicles for 2011. 

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Driving: don't touch that phone, but.. I'll take a double espresso


Since 2006, California has maintained legislature to ban driving and texting. The penalties for being caught texting or otherwise touching or using your phone while driving are steep. 

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