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Oct 22 2014

Blogging has become an important part of traffic generation and brand awareness for any type of business and has indeed reached its way to the automotive world. Since the vehicle data and VIN decoding solutions we provide are vital to all segments of the auto industry, we come across quite a variety of auto blogs.

Though the blogs we've shared below are not exclusive to one auto niche (auto listing sites, dealer solution providers, auto insurance, etc.), we still thought each one of these articles would provide some level of value or interest industry-wide.

note: these blogs are not listed in any particular order. Just a nice mix of awesome articles!

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1.  Los Angeles is Developing an Electric-Powered Highway

By: uShip

As many of you know, Los Angeles has had a black cloud over the city --literally-- for quite some time due to the large population and number of vehicle commuters. The automotive industry has been working hard toward more environmentally friendly vehicles with lower emissions, especially over the last few years.

Well here's another step towards a cleaner LA environment in the trucking industry! Great article written by uShip.

2.  15 Ways to Spot a Shady SEO Provider

By: AutoRevo

No matter what business you in, SEO is such an important part of generating quality traffic which hopefully turns into quality leads and eventually customers. As AutoRevo discusses in this video blog, there are certain promises that SEO companies often make which cannot be fulfilled.

 Hopefully, most of you don't have to learn the hard way by being aware of some of these red flags.

3.  4 Reasons the Appraisal Process Needs Fixing

By: Auto Remarketing

Interesting article revealing consumer's overall dissatisfaction with the vehicle appraisal process. One of the main issues raised in this article is the lack of transparency. We as consumers would like to know how appraisers got to that final number before we go ahead and trade in our vehicles.

As many of you can relate to this topic, you probably won't be surprised by the statistics. 

4.  'Tis the Season for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Turkey Dinners, and Declining Organic Search Traffic

By: CDK Global

Awesome title and great article! You would think that as the holiday season approaches, organic search traffic would increase for the automotive business. However, based on the statistics in this article, there's been a trend of decreasing organic traffic over the last few years.

CDK Global makes it known that there are other ways to generate website traffic even when organic searches are low.

5.  Walking and Driving on Sunshine - Technologue

By: Motor Trend

Solar Roadways are a fascinating concept which Motor Trend did a nice job covering. If you're unfamiliar with how they would work or the technology in general, it's definitely worth checking out this article. For us Northerners, the heated solar panel roadways could potentially eliminate the dangerous slick conditions in the winter. Is that enough to be inspired or what? 

6.  Three Reasons to Go Responsive

By: DealerFire

If you're not sure whether your website is responsive or not, this is definitely an article you should read. In the growing world of smartphones and tablets of all dimensions, it's important that your site can adapt or "respond" in accordance. Nothing is more off-putting to your visitors --or dealer clients in this case-- than a site that's difficult to read or navigate due to a lack of mobile optimization.

As DealerFire nicely put it, "yes, yes you need a responsive website."

7.  GPS Vs. Telematics - How Do They Compare?

By: Telogis

In the business of fleet management, telematics is a big piece of their solution. Often times there's confusion about what the difference is between GPS and telematics. Telogis does a nice job of clarifying what telematics are exactly and how they financially benefit the fleet management industry.

"...fleet managers no longer have to run their business largely in the dark..."

8.  How Usage-Based Programs Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

By: Coverhound

While we're on the topic of telematics, here's a great article showing another way telematics can be used. Several auto insurance companies are now offering Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) which determines your insurance rates based on how you drive.

Up until this point, insurance companies only had access to your driving record as a means of factoring driving habits into your insurance premium. If you're a great driver, UBI would give you a much lower rate with telematics that actually track your driving habits.

9.  The 7 Most Humiliating Driving Mistakes

By: Esurance

Though educational blogs are very valuable to our businesses, it's always nice to have a good laugh. Ensurance did just that by covering a topic that we can all relate to and yet look back at and laugh about. Out of the 7 listed here, I'm gonna go with driving mistake #7 as the most embarrassing. The auto industry was certainly smart about introducing self-parking cars!

10.  Virtual Windshields

By: Buy Auto Parts

Several auto manufacturers have implemented a windshield display feature - as BMW has titled "Head-Up Display" - to keep drivers from looking away from the road. Buy Auto Parts wrote a great article on the topic and included some videos of different takes on this technology. A nice quick read that'll be worth your time.

"All this stuff on windshields is going to lead to a lot of distracted driving. Let’s just hope that self-driving cars get completed before virtual windows do."

Each one of these blog posts gets our stamp of approval. Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did! Be on the lookout for more awesome blog suggestions in the future.

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