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Nov 26 2019

Last month, Jake Maki, our Vice President & General Manager, joined DealerRefresh for their weekly RefreshFriday Facebook Live stream to provide some insight into some of the key challenges vendors face when working with vehicle data. Learn why vehicle data is so complex and how DataOne works to make it more consumable for our end users.



  • Background of DataOne - 4:49
  • Who uses our data? - 6:36
  • Who are our main competitors and what sets us apart from the competition? - 7:37

Challenges of Vehicle Data

  • What is vehicle data normalization? - 9:08
  • What are the average number of features per vehicle? - 13:34
  • Why are vehicle details sometimes inconsistent from one website to another? - 15:09
  • What shortcuts are vendors using to decode a VIN and are they missing some pieces? - 21:03
  • How does DataOne get vehicle data from the manufacturers? - 23:47
  • Are there any technologies DataOne is leveraging for handling the data? - 28:28
  • Is build data the gold people think it is? - 30:57
  • Why is new model year vehicle data updated at different times? - 35:50
  • Has the inflated importance of digital retailing had any impact on data quality? - 39:34

The Future of Vehicle Data

  • What do you see as the future for DataOne? - 46:10
  • Are their any technologies that would help facilitate further data advancements? - 48:17
  • Where are we now, on a scale of 1-10, in terms of data quality and accuracy? - 49:45
  • Is there something dealers could be doing better, or differently, to make their inventory more consistent? - 51:18


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