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Jan 18 2013

Like an individual fingerprint unique to each person, the Vehicle Identification Number is unique to each individual vehicle. And just like the federal government maintains a database of fingerprints in order to access information on individuals registered in the system quickly and accurately, a VIN database can also access a wealth of information on each vehicle in the system in a quick, organized, and easy manner.

With the high-tech, user-friendly VIN decoder software available on the market today, there’s no reason not to install and utilize a VIN decoding solution as part of your business process. In fact, a VIN database or VIN decoder application solution is essential to maximizing efficiency and profits and can be used to help position your service-oriented transportation business miles ahead of the competition.

Here are three examples of how incorporating a VIN database or a VIN decoder web service can reduce your overhead, eliminate your stress, increase your profitability, and maintain your position as the industry’s transportation business of choice:

1. Ease of quoting, invoicing, and reporting

Time is our most important commodity. Integrating a detailed and precise VIN decoding solution (database or web service) into your processes enables you to access --quickly and accurately at the touch of a keyboard-- integral, detailed information about the vehicles your company transports. One person can now obtain information it previously took a team of staff members to access. A VIN database can be customized to provide the particular information you want on your reports, your invoices, and your client account screens.

Further, a VIN database can be used not only to populate normalized drop downs and categories for vehicles, but also to decode and classify vehicles. With the proper VIN database package, you can immediately look up and find a particular vehicle based on a variety of variables, including its year, make, or model. What took days to invoice and report years ago can now be done in minutes.

Streamlining and updating your transportation business keeps you at the cutting-edge of the industry and makes your business more profitable. In addition, the detailed specifications provided from the VIN decoder can help streamline the quoting process; thus, expediting the quote as well as making it more accurate. VIN referenced vehicle specifications can be used to identify opportunities that can use logistical efficiencies to quote more competitively. Which brings me to my next point: 

2. Ease of transportation logistics

Knowing the accurate weight, width, front and rear track width, height, and length of a vehicle is essential for safely, reliably, and accurately running a transportation business. The logistics of loading vehicles onto multi-level trailers or into shipping containers can be a transportation company’s worst nightmare without the essential dimension-related information at your fingertips.

Incorporating a VIN database or a state-of-the-art VIN web decoder service can help you take these challenges and turn them into a competitive advantage. VIN Decoding can be used to obtain the length, height, and width of a vehicle prior to movement and while coordinating its shipment. In addition, the access to this valuable VIN data may also be used to provide the vehicle GVWR and curb weight for over-the-road logistics and freight fees. A VIN decoder can also be configured to provide new vehicle MSRP for recognizance, claims, and insurance purposes should a vehicle become damaged, stolen, or lost at sea during shipping!

3. Ease of national & international enterprise operations

To support OEM contracts during the importation and transport of vehicles, before they arrive on a dealership’s lot for sale to the general public, a complete VIN database program provides all the necessary new vehicle data well in advance. When dealing with operations across the country and/or outside the United States, it is imperative that you have access to updated, accurate, and critical information prior to movement, shipment, or transportation of any vehicles.

In general, the disparate tools and wide-range of solutions that a VIN database can power for your transportation industry are integral to running an organized, profit-generating, and efficient company. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a transportation business competing in today’s market without one.

With this in mind, make sure that you research any product or solution that you plan to integrate with your transportation business. Not all VIN database or VIN Decoding web services are created equal. Be certain that the VIN decoding solution you choose provides the depth of vehicle information that you desire, and does so accurately and consistently, across all the vehicles brands and model years that you will be transporting.

If you are interested in testing out D1's ability to meet your data needs, please contact us to determine the product that would best fit your businesses needs.

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What challenges do you have at your transport company that a VIN database could solve?  Please add your comments below.

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