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Nov 21 2011

We came across this fun video, and while it is entertaining it also serves to really make the point that the right car for a potential buyer is really based on that buyers needs. Although we think few consumers will struggle to decide whether they will purchase a Ford Fiesta vs a Lamborghini - it is clear that vehicle comparison is a critical piece of vehicle marketing.

We will be discussing non-traditional vehicle comparison in greater depth in subsequent posts, but it is worth noting that potential car buyers are considering more than just the traditional brand, vehicle type, doors and immediately apparent feature set.

As the technology and styling of vehicles continues to evolve - savvy consumers are taking more detailed vehicle specifications into account when deciding on the next new or used vehicle. Vehicle features and specifications may even lead to consumers purchasing a vehicle of a different class/type than currently owned or considered. 

As shown in the video below - the value of the vehicle is truly in the eye of the beholder. 

Does your vehicle marketing system provide vehicle comparison functionality, and if so - do you feel that you are able to effectively represent features like performance, telematics, comfort, and safety in direct comparison to other models? 




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