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Sep 8 2015

Auto Technology: Luxury Vehicle Features

Luxury cars offer the latest in automotive technology combined with the next-generation on-demand features that savvy car shoppers want. Whether in the market for a new luxury vehicle, or merely daydreaming about features for their next car, we're willing to bet that these top 7 luxury features in the auto industry will impress many consumers and perhaps be considered for their next vehicle purchase.

1. Heartbeat sensor

A heartbeat sensor inside your car's cabin connected to a two-way remote on your lock could warn you if someone had broken into your car and was hiding inside. By alerting you via the locking remote, this technology could give you extra time needed to call authorities. This may sound like something drawn from action movies, but according to Volvo there is a legitimate desire for this feature to prevent executive kidnappings.

2. Personal neck heater

Hate driving with a scarf in the winter? Want to put your convertible top down when it's a bit nippy? The Air Scarf from Mercedes adds a personal heating device at neck level to truly keep you warm from head to toe. According to Daimler, two-thirds of Mercedes SLK and SL models are ordered with the Air Scarf, making it a highly popular add-on feature. 

3. Ventilated seats

If you have heated car seats, why not ventilated ones? Special fans inside the seat cushion and backrest actually wick away sweat and moisture. If you've ever had to get into a leather car seat in the summer, then you know how brutal hot upholstery can feel. Ventilated seats ensure you arrive in comfort and style, no matter the weather. While a premium feature for now, one day these might be as ubiquitous as heated car seats. 

4. Personalized car seat

A 30-way adjustable premium car seat from Ford makes for an extremely personal driving experience. Long commuters who experience leg or back pain can now find relief with a modular seat that adjusts on command. Most notable, the seat allows you to make separate adjustments for your driving and non-driving leg, for total body comfort.

5. Night-vision pedestrian cam

Urban drivers know how tricky it can be to see pedestrians at night, especially if they are in dark clothing. A special night-vision pedestrian camera installed in BMW 7 Series not only scans for people (and animals) on the side of the road, it pushes alerts to the camera and the dashboard to help you drive safely. This technology is also available on a few other vehicle models from high-end makes, such as Mercedes and Audi.

6. GPS-linked temperature control

You know when you're driving and the sun is coming in through the window? It feels great, until you suddenly realize that one of your arms is getting a sunburn and you're way too hot. Skip the discomfort with GPS-linked temperature control from Acura, which actually tethers cabin temperature control to your car's position. This helps balance out the sunny and shady sides of the cabin, minimizing discomfort.

7. Ultra-luxe trim and headlight bling

Not only can you trick your new luxury car with leather upholstery, now you can add granite to the interior and trick out your Benz headlights with Swarovski crystals. The crystals reflect and refract the LED-generated headlights and daytime running lights, so you will really get attention when you're driving your luxury car. Granite interiors are certainly unusual and will definitely impress passengers. If you've already added all the other luxury trim options, why not try these two? 

Capturing luxury features in your inventory listings

Some of these luxury features are still in their early stages and may not be widely available yet. However, vehicle shoppers that consider luxury to be an important criterion should be able to identify these vehicle features easily in their research. Check out our PerfectFit® Vehicle Shopper software if you are looking to provide a more intuitive vehicle shopping experience for your site visitors.

Please share in the comments section below some of the most impressive new or up-and-coming luxury vehicle features you have come across.

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