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Dec 1 2014

According to Google, the majority of vehicle shoppers use digital channels during their research. Most of these online vehicle shoppers use more than one website before deciding on the vehicle they want to purchase. Let's look at ways to make these visitors convert.

Given the high number of touch points referenced before making a purchase decision, it's important to make sure your dealership or auto listing site offers as much information as possible in a user-friendly format to keep shoppers from bouncing to other resources and losing conversions.

In the below infographic we've provided 4 ways to convert online vehicle shoppers into customers with statistics to prove it. 


Based on the statistics for mobile use it's important to have all components of your product optimized for mobile. If you'd like to know more about how a complete vehicle database can be used effectively for automotive marketing within mobile sites and applications, download the free white paper below!

Whitepaper Download Vehicle Data for Mobile 

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