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Mar 29 2017

If you haven’t purchased your tickets for Digital Dealer 22 yet, you’re running out of time. In just a few weeks, hundreds of dealers, dealer solution providers, and allied industries will be meeting down in Tampa, FL for one of the top automotive conferences of the year. Whether your hand is in dealer management, sales, marketing, F&I, or fixed ops, you will find Digital Dealer to be a great learning experience and networking event.

In this post, we’ve highlighted 10 sessions from the Digital Marketing and related tracks that will be valuable for improving your dealership’s marketing efforts. Unfortunately, some of these sessions run at the same time, so you’ll have to choose your battles or split up your team and swap notes.

1. Digital Engagement, the Most Important Measure of Your Success

Speaker: Doug Van Sach, VP of Data Analytics at Autoloop

Successful marketing is personal, relevant, and timely. Therefore, data should be the driving force of your marketing strategy.

In this session, Doug Van Sach will be using data from a recent Automotive Digital Engagement (ADE) study to deliver new insights on how customers engage with dealers. He will be highlighting the different types of engagement and the key differences in how millennials and older generations engage with dealerships both online and in-store.

As a marketer, this session will be valuable in providing a new approach for customer segmentation based on digital engagement, as well as helping identify strategies to increase the engagement of your marketing efforts.

2. How to Create Your Biggest Competitive Advantage Using Relevant Digital Marketing

Speaker: Sean Stapleton, CEO & Co-Founder of Dealer Teamwork

Relevant content is essential to the success of your dealership’s digital marketing strategy. Today’s consumers are inundated with emails, social media, and advertising. If the content they receive isn’t highly relevant, they will not engage with your brand.

This session will help your dealership quickly identify dead-end marketing activities that don’t generate sales opportunities, understand the value of content that matches your shopper’s intent, and build an action plan that reduces the marketing budget while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Winning the Digital Deal: The Key Elements of a Successful Digital Retailing Strategy

Speaker: Andrew MacLeay, Director of Digital Marketing at Dealer.com

Purchasing vehicles online is no longer in the future. It is present. Many consumers have or would consider purchasing their next vehicle online. As a dealer, you should be enabling your potential customers to purchase both at a physical location and online.

Andrew MacLeay will discuss the value of digital retailing based on consumer trends, as well as emerging technologies and a proven framework that support a successful digital retailing approach for your dealership.

4. Equity Mining “The Million Dollar Secret”

Speaker: Jeff Bounds, National Account Director at Dominion Dealer Solutions

Not familiar with equity mining? This software technology, also referred to as data mining, enables dealers to identify customers in their database who are in a good position to trade up for a new vehicle with roughly the same monthly payments. Learn more from this Automotive News article.

Why is this valuable for your marketing efforts?

Customer retention should be a major priority for your dealership given the lower acquisition costs, however, you don’t want to inundate your customers with various marketing campaigns. Equity mining tools are the perfect solution for remarketing to your existing customers with an extremely relevant and valuable offer. No more guessing when existing customers might be ready for a new vehicle or waiting until they’ve begun the online shopping process to start marketing.  

5. I’ll Take a Roll of Toilet Paper and… a Car? – How to Compete and Win Against the Amazons of Auto

Speaker: Ken Kolodziej, CEO of String Automotive

E-commerce giant, Amazon, and tech giants such as Google and Apple are working their way into the automotive space. And at the route of it all, there’s one major thing that will help them win over today’s tech-savvy consumers. Customer data.

This session will address how to sift through your own rich customer database to stay competitive and win sales with compelling marketing.  

6. The Habits of Highly Successful Dealers – Learn the Tactics and Strategies That Drive the Success of Top Dealers

Speaker: Kerri Wise, VP of Dealer Marketing at TrueCar

One of the best ways to improve your marketing strategy is by learning from some of the industry leaders, some of which are your direct competitors.

Kerri Wise of TrueCar will be utilizing a study on top-performing dealers, as well as on car buyers nationwide, to provide insight on how to address major consumer pain points and drive more vehicle sales than your competition in today's transparent marketplace. Additionally, she will help identify the disconnect between the online and offline shopping process.

7. Digital Marketing an Evolving Investment (SEM, SEO, Display and Paid Social)

Speakers: Famous Rhodes, VP of Digital Marketing & Customer Experience, and Jennifer Bills, Head of SEM at AutoNation

The world of SEM, SEO, Display, and Paid Social is constantly evolving in the automotive industry. Dealers not only face the challenge of competing against other local dealers but additionally Tier1 and Tier2 advertising programs.

In this session, Famous Rhodes and Jennifer Bills of AutoNation will be highlighting some of the new trends and emerging tactics to be aware of in 2017, along with some practical applications of these tactics and effective SEM management tools to get the most out of your marketing budget.

8. How to Identify Your Bad Digital Marketing Habits, and What to Do to Fix Them So That You Can Get More ROI from Your Digital Marketing Spend and Sell More Cars!

Speakers: Gino Cipperoni, Director of Digital Marketing Sales, and Megan Glick, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy at Dealer E-Process

“Digital marketing has proven to be the best way to drive more customers to your website and into your showroom.” However, it’s essential that your dealership evolves with the current marketing trends and does not beat the same strategy to death.

Gino Cipperoni and Megan Glick from Dealer E-Process will help identify some of these bad habits that are potentially costing your dealership sales and revenue and will equip you with the tools necessary to remain cutting-edge. Most importantly, they will explain how to properly track return on investment (ROI) so your dealership can adjust your digital marketing spend accordingly.  

9. 3 Facebook Campaigns You Need to Drive Leads, Shows, Sales, and Service Revenue for Your Dealership

Speaker: Pete Petersen, CEO of Dealers United

There are 214 million Facebook users in the U.S. alone. So, you better believe that your potential customers are on Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook marketing strategy in place, it’s not too late!

In this session, you will learn how to increase your dealership sales and service opportunities with three proven Facebook campaigns from Dealers United. Additionally, you will learn how to measure the ROI of Facebook-sponsored content and scale your budget to maximize the profitability of these campaigns.

10. Decisions. – Learn How to Prioritize Digital Marketing Channels

Speaker: Shaun Raines, VP Business Development at DealerOn

Display ads and social ads and SEO, oh my! The truth is, there are many effective digital marketing channels to choose from. How do you prioritize your digital marketing efforts? Which channels generate the most qualified leads and drive the most sales for your dealership?

In this session, you will learn how the many digital marketing options fit into your strategy, which key performance indicators (KPIs) your dealership should focus on, and how to evaluate your own digital marketing strategy and prioritize channels based on the revenue they generate. 

Many of us at DataOne will be attending Digital Dealer this year and would love to meet up with you to discuss vehicle research and shopping tools that will help improve the user experience of your website.


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