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Why you shouldn't settle for a VIN Decoder that just decodes the VIN.

In our VIN Decoding 101 series of articles we have focused on which vehicles are required to have 17-digit 

VIN numbers assigned and what data is and is not captured within the VIN.  We have seen that country of sale, vehicle segment and type, model year and manufacturer all play a big role in the usefulness of VIN decoding and the type and depth of vehicle details the VIN will encode.  For many applications a basic VIN decode, one that decodes only what is encoded in the VIN, will provide all the details that your business needs.  However, there are also many common VIN decoder applications where there is need and substantial benifits for more detail, as much as possible.  How can this need be met?

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10 Vehicle Details You Should Expect from a VIN Decoder

It is not uncommon for some of the people that express interest in our VIN data to have little experience with automotive data in the past.  They may be new to the company, position or they may be looking to apply an existing business model in a new way that requires a VIN decoder or vehicle data.  Many times these people are not quite sure what to expect to get in return from decoding 17 digit VINs.  Below are a list of 10 things that you can expect to be returned when decoding US Passenger and Light-Duty Vehicle Identification Numbers.


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VIN Decoding 101: Everything you wanted to know about VINs

Everything you wanted to know about VINs

As you might expect we get a lot of questions about VINs.  There is a lot of confusion about what a VIN is, how is it used, what information is captured within it and what is not.  In this series we hope to provide a good resource that you can use to educate yourself on Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) and VIN Decoding.  The articles will progressively build from very basic and general information about VINs to more detailed and specific aspects of using them and vehicle data in business and technical settings.  We hope you find them useful.

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